Passion, adventure and freedom is what Takoon kiteboarding is made of. Back in 2002 we invented the first bow kite, introducing kitesurfing to a new era of security. 

Since then, you’ve ridden spots all around the world with our iconic products such as the Wook, the Furia and the Nova, which was the first bow style kite.


We personally invest in the creation and development of our products and have made the choice to work only with the best current suppliers and technologies.

Thus, by offering our products live from our online shop, we have created the shortest path to quality equipment at the best price.

Our direct sales system

In order to develop the best products at competitive rates, we decided to distribute them directly. So we control all the costs and can offer you gear at the best prices.


€800 * Price based on a 9m kite

  • Money you save
  • Margin for Takoon
  • Cost of production

Other brands

€1300 * Price based on a 9m kite

  • Distributor and store margin.
  • Other brands margin
  • Cost of production